Matura podstawowa – czytanie – ćw. 24

Przeczytaj opisy czasopism. Do każdego z podanych zdań (4.1.–4.8.) dopasuj właściwe czasopismo (A–E). Wpisz odpowiednie litery do tabeli. Uwaga: do każdej rubryki możesz wpisać tylko jedną literę, niektóre litery zostaną użyte więcej niż jeden raz. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.

A. Bookmarks
Bookmarks was created as a guide to the best in books. The magazine is a great way for readers to start the search for a new book, and keep up with the latest publications.
Each issue of Bookmarks contains profiles of classic authors and reviews of books chosen by booksellers and readers as their favourites. Bookmarks is a magazine created by readers for readers!

B. Movie Theatre
This is a monthly publication for readers who want all the latest information on sound systems, new products and movie reviews written by well-known film journalists. The magazine presents new films in the cinemas and on DVD. With exclusive interviews, Movie Theatre takes readers inside the stories on today's biggest stars and the most successful directors.

C. City Magazine
City Magazine is about style, design, food, fashion and travel. You will find trendy tips on how to change your home interior, articles about fashionable restaurants and holiday destinations along with reviews of theatre performances and concerts. This magazine is the winner of the National Magazine Award for the Best Photograph of the Year. It is a publication for today's smart, trendy, young people.

D. Collection Magazine
Collection Magazine is an urban entertainment and arts publication that explores the less well-known areas in popular culture. The name represents a variety of entertainment. Each issue includes a professionally produced DVD that consists of live versions of interviews printed in the magazine, music videos, and the editor’s choice of short film. The magazine is also famous for competitions in which you can choose your prize, for example a home theatre system or a DVD player.

E. Electronic House Ideas
Electronic House Ideas inspires readers to add new technology to their homes. Filled with beautiful photographs of readers’ rooms, the magazine presents consumer-friendly tips on home theatres, whole-house audio/video systems, security and lighting. For consumers who are ready to buy, Electronic House Ideas provides important information on how to build technology into an existing home.

4.1. You can learn about new titles available on DVD in this magazine.
4.2. A picture from this magazine won a prize in a competition.
4.3. You can both read interviews and watch them with this magazine.
4.4. This magazine gives advice about how to install a home theatre system.
4.5. Readers of this magazine can win electronic equipment.
4.6. In this magazine, you can see pictures taken in readers’ homes.
4.7. Readers of this magazine take part in writing it.
4.8. In this magazine, there are experts’ opinions on films.

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