Matura rozszerzona – czytanie – ćwiczenie 1

Przeczytaj tekst, który został podzielony na trzy części (A–C) oraz pytania go dotyczące (4.1.–4.4.). Do każdego pytania dopasuj właściwą część tekstu. Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli. Uwaga: jedna część tekstu pasuje do dwóch pytań.

by Catherine Shoard
A. Thirty thousand feet up, you are both God and ant. You survey the world beneath you as attentive staff serve refreshments and snacks. And yet you have no control over your own fate. You can’t exit and you can’t turn back. You are a hostage, at the mercy of others. Shocking as it may seem, this is what makes me love long flights, and especially watching movies on them. You have just a few options so you watch whatever is on, guilt-free. That’s how I have seen most romantic comedies in my life. I generally consider them a waste of time and at home I do all I can not to watch them, but in the air they become a true source of enjoyment.

B. The regulations or personal tastes of the programme planners who work for airlines are a mystery to me. The choice often seems quite random. Just looking through the lists of what Air Canada considers avant-garde, contemporary or a new release is an entertainment in itself. But surely there are some guidelines, probably something like: if a film can’t cope with being viewed on a tiny screen, interrupted with beeps, meals, safety announcements and sudden drops in altitude, it has no place on a plane.

C. There are some advantages, though. The movie goes straight from your individual screen into your brain, unfiltered by environmental factors. There are no strangers obstructing the view of the screen to those in the stalls behind, a partner commenting on the scene or kids munching popcorn. And while it’s rude to stare at what the commuter sitting next to you on the tube is watching or reading, on a plane you just can’t avoid it. Pop to the bathroom and as you return, you have no choice but to evaluate the personal taste of other travellers, whether you like it or not.
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In which paragraph does the author mention

4.1. the inconveniences which cinema-goers have to put up with?
4.2. typical distractions which might occur when we watch a movie on a plane?
4.3. an opportunity to judge fellow passengers’ choice of films?
4.4. taking pleasure in something she usually avoids?