Matura podstawowa – czytanie – ćwiczenie 10

Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Wybierz literę A, B, C albo D. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.

If you think that you are a true biker, then there is only one event each summer to look forward to, and it is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. This event started back in 1938, when the local riding club decided to organise a series of motorcycle races in the nearby fields. First, it was a small event with just nine races and few spectators, but then it gradually grew into a huge annual event. Every year, in the first week of August, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the sleepy town of Sturgis.

There are many other rallies in the USA, but a large number of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts choose the little town of Sturgis. During this time, the population of the town explodes from just over 7,000 to more than 300,000 people. The height of Sturgis’s popularity was back in the 1990s, when more than 500,000 people came to town. Recently gas prices have gone up and it costs a lot to get to Sturgis and take part in the rally so the number of participants has dropped. This situation is difficult for the shopkeepers who sell their products to visitors. Yet, there are still lots of riders, including amateurs, who decide to come to Sturgis. Almost nobody travels there by car. They choose to get there on their own motorcycles. They say that the road may be long and very tiring, but the scenery and the exciting feeling of the wind in your hair make up for it.

During the rally, the main street of the town of Sturgis is closed to regular traffic. All you can see in the street during the first week of August is motorcycles. And the only sounds that you will hear during the rally are those made by motorcycle engines. But even though there are so many big motorcycles in the town centre, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is quite safe. There are plenty of security guards and traffic wardens who walk around the town and keep the peace while families with children enjoy a unique holiday there.

One of the most important races is the Mayor’s Ride. The Mayor opens the race and then people can join him on a ride to Mount Rushmore. The participants of this race must first register and pay a fee of $160, and only 250 riders are allowed to enter. There have been complaints about limiting the number of riders, so the organisers are thinking of expanding the number in the future. All the profits from this ride go to Sturgis Fire Station.

In Sturgis you can also see and buy motorcycles from all the famous motorcycle brands. And if you want to escape the heat, there are lots of bars all around town where you can relax. In the evenings, you can leave the town and go to the Black Hills region for concerts of famous rock bands. Not very far from the Black Hills there is a big campsite, so you can rent a tent and stay there overnight if you want. There are so many things to do during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that seven days might be too short.
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6.1. What do we learn about the first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?
6.2. Recently the rally hasn’t attracted as many people as in the 1990s because
6.3. Those who come to the rally
6.4. During the event,
6.5. Which is NOT true about the Mayor’s Ride?
6.6. What happens in the Black Hills?
6.7. The text is about