Matura podstawowa – czytanie – ćwiczenie 7

Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto trzy zdania. Wpisz w luki 7.1.–7.3. litery, którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania (A–E), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. Uwaga: dwa zdania zostały podane dodatkowo i nie pasują do żadnej luki.


Steven Spielberg wasn’t a good student, and his classmates often made fun of him. His father tried to encourage him to study harder, but without effect. 7.1. _____ Then he showed them to his friends for a small fee.

He wanted to study at a film school but he wasn’t accepted, so he signed up for English studies at California State College. It was then that his life took a turn for the better. While visiting Universal Studios, he met an editor, Chuck Silvers. Steven showed him the 8 mm films he had made. Silvers was impressed and invited Steven to see him in the Studios again the next day. 7.2. _____ There was nothing inside it except for a sandwich. However, it was made of leather and Steven looked very professional with it.

For three months Steven hung out with producers, directors and other people involved in film making. 7.3. _____ He even put his name on the front door: “Steven Spielberg, Room 23C”. It was possible because everybody thought he was working there. Silvers was the only person who knew that the kid wasn’t a studio employee.

A. One day he found an empty office and decided to occupy it.
B. The meeting made him even more interested in film making.
C. Instead, the boy preferred shooting homemade films with an 8 mm camera.
D. That’s why Steven decided to stay there without Silvers’ permission.
E. Steven showed up dressed elegantly, carrying his father’s briefcase.