Matura rozszerzona – czytanie – ćw. 6

Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto cztery fragmenty. Wpisz w luki 5.1.–5.4. litery, którymi oznaczono brakujące fragmenty (A–E), tak aby otrzymać logiczny i spójny tekst. Uwaga: jeden fragment został podany dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

The approximately 15 million smart glasses, fitness bands and watches sold proves that public interest in wearable technology has rocketed recently. 5.1. _____ Just like PCs and smartphones, wearable devices create a ‘data exhaust’, a stream of quite easily accessible information that is extremely attractive to cybercriminals.

One of the most apparently innocent forms of wearable technology is the smart fitness band, which measures a range of activities: from steps walked to hours slept. 5.2. _____ Having acquired such data, they are able to work out where the target of their attack lives, works, and stops for coffee. The hacker could then use this information. Data extracted from a smartwatch can show chronic high blood pressure which could be used to prove that a person is unfit for work. A cybercriminal could use such information to blackmail their targets, or even to publicly discredit them. 5.3. _____ If a cybercriminal snapped images from it, they could build up a complex picture of where the target is, what they are doing and who they are meeting. The wearable devices could also act as gateways to other devices or data stored in the cloud. If the smartwatch or eyewear is unprotected, it becomes the weak point in the chain, giving hackers a backdoor to confidential data.

Unfortunately, many cybersecurity experts acknowledge that there is very little consumers can do to protect themselves from these risks. 5.4. _____ However, it should not be up to users, but to the wearable technology manufacturers themselves to install security into their devices.
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A. For most of us such detailed information on other people’s lives seems irrelevant. However, it might prove invaluable for hackers and cybercriminals.

B. One of the precautions they can take is to choose strong passwords or turn their fitness trackers on at the end of the street or round the corner, not outside their front door.

C. But experts are warning that such an explosive growth in the demand for these gadgets could soon lead to a security nightmare.

D. In some cases wearable technology gadgets may improve consumer security by being used, for example, as authentication devices which enable recognition.

E. Another threat to the users of some devices is the built-in camera which may contain a lot of personally sensitive information.