Matura rozszerzona – czytanie, ćwiczenie 15

Przeczytaj tekst, który został podzielony na trzy części (A–C), oraz pytania go dotyczące (1.–4.). Do każdego pytania dopasuj właściwą część tekstu. Wpisz rozwiązania do tabeli.
Uwaga: jedna część tekstu pasuje do dwóch pytań.

A. When asked about Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American president, most people think about his assassination or his role in the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. Fewer people know about the tragedies in his private life or his love of Shakespeare. This was one of the topics at the prestigious Wooden O Symposium hosted by Southern Utah University, where scholars annually present their scientific work on Shakespeare. The term Wooden O is a direct reference to Shakespeare’s theatre, The Globe, which was a round wooden structure. Most of the content presented at the conference, attracting participants not only from the US, is devoted to the playwright.

B. One of the speakers showed that Lincoln’s lifelong admiration for Shakespeare helped him cope with the strain of the turbulent years of his presidency and gave him consolation after his son passed away. The president memorized many lines from Shakespeare’s works, was a keen theatregoer and became acquainted with actors, for example James Hackett, who appeared in a production of Henry IV. Lincoln’s letter to Hackett testifies to his love of Shakespeare. In the letter, he challenged the standing of the highly acclaimed Hamlet monologue To be or not to be, arguing it was surpassed by O, my offence is rank delivered by Claudius. Hackett was indiscreet and had the letter printed, thus exposing Lincoln to public ridicule because of his literary judgement.

C. This story about Lincoln, alongside other titbits and serious scholarly findings, can be found in the Journal of the Wooden O, an annual publication featuring articles on Shakespeare and containing selected research papers from the symposium at Southern Utah University. Submitted articles must be peer-reviewed. Sometimes they also undergo a second review process. This approach means that the publication is a valuable source of accurate information for both scholars and non-academics who derive great pleasure from the playwright’s dramas.
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In which paragraph does the author mention
1. mockery directed at Lincoln for questioning a popular view?
2. a venue which inspired the name of an event?
3. a procedure to ensure the high quality of texts on Shakespeare’s work?
4. comfort brought by the appreciation of Shakespeare’s plays?