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Which James Bond film is your favourite? Which car driven by James Bond would you like to own? Now, the world’s largest collection of cars from the Bond movies (the so-called Bondmobiles) can be yours for only £20 million. In addition to the Bond vehicles, the lucky buyer will also get free James Bond souvenirs, including posters and photos.

The collection belongs to Michael Dezer, an American multimillionaire. His collection of over 1,500 cars is believed to be one of the largest in the world. It presents the evolution of the automobile through American classics, European classics, military cars, electric cars and micro-cars. Michael and his wife started building the collection years ago, and recently his son, Gil, has joined them in this unusual hobby. The most valuable part of the collection are the 62 Bondmobiles, the cars which appeared in 25 movies about the world-famous British secret agent James Bond.

How did this American multimillionaire manage to get all these Bondmobiles? After all, James Bond is a British agent, so most of the cars were in the hands of British fans. To build his collection, Michael Dezer employed two British experts, Stuart and Barbara Donovan. The Donovans looked out for vehicles from the films and soon discovered a Bond collection for sale in England. They contacted their employer immediately and Dezer flew his private jet from Florida to England to meet them. Dezer bought the collection the same day and returned home to Miami in time for supper. The Donovans then set about the difficult task of sending so many vehicles to America.

Michael Dezer used to keep his cars in a car park built for this purpose, but last year he moved them to a number of museums he owns. The Bondmobiles are on display in the Miami Auto Museum. The other cars can be seen in museums in Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale.

In an unexpected move, this year Dezer has decided to sell his whole collection of Bondmobiles for just £20 million, or a bit less if you’re a good negotiator. It’s a fantastic deal because the 62 cars include the famous Ford Mustang and Aston Martin V8. The collection is for sale on one condition. All Bondmobiles must go in one sale so the potential buyer must take them all. The new owner can leave the cars in the museum in Miami, or can have them delivered somewhere else – for example, back to Great Britain.
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1. In the first paragraph, the author
2. Dezer’s car collection
3. Which is TRUE about Stuart and Barbara Donovan?
4. If you want to see Bondmobiles and the other cars from Dezer’s collection, you
5. The potential buyer of the Bond collection