Matura podstawowa – czytanie – ćw. 30

Przeczytaj tekst. Dobierz właściwy nagłówek (A–H) do każdego fragmentu tekstu. Wpisz odpowiednią literę w miejsca 4.1.–4.7. Uwaga: jeden nagłówek został podany dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnego fragmentu tekstu. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.

A. Buy local products
B. Produce less rubbish
C. Avoid flying
D. Take part in local cultural events
E. Share your travel books
F. Find a green travel agent
G. Drive less
H. Save energy

About 700 million people worldwide travel every year, which is harmful for the environment. There’s a lot you can do to travel responsibly and reduce the environmental effects of travelling.

The public transport system in Britain is excellent. Try to include car-free days into your holiday. Remember that cycling is a great environmentally friendly way to get around. And why not check if the place you want to visit is within walking distance? Sightseeing on foot will keep you fit!
Book flights with airlines that recycle packages left after serving food to passengers. In hotel rooms, reuse the plastic cups, or bring your own reusable cups. And do not take plastic bags for your shopping. It’s really important to reduce waste.
Bilbo Baggins, the main character of the book, lives a peaceful life in his comfortable hole at Bag End. Bilbo is a hobbit – one of a race of small people. One day the old wizard Gandalf arrives and persuades Bilbo to go on an adventure with a group of thirteen dwarves. So begins their long and difficult search for the treasure hidden by the evil dragon Smaug.
Do your shopping in small independent shops. Try regional food specialities and don’t miss farmers’ markets where you can discover delicious selections of meats, cheeses, and organic products.
Once you’ve finished your trip, pass on your sightseeing guides and brochures to a friend or second-hand bookshop. You can also leave them at your hotel for another guest to use – that way you’ll have less to carry back home and someone else will take advantage of local attractions.
Did you know you can take connecting trains from hundreds of European destinations direct to London’s King’s Cross Station? Planes produce huge amounts of pollution, so whenever possible consider travelling by train or coach.
Before you book a package tour or an excursion, ask the tour operator about group size and the hotels you are going to stay in. Remember that smaller groups and smaller hotels are better for the environment. Local tourist guides are also an advantage. They can tell you more about local culture than any travel book.
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